Complete Characterization of Ceramic Bodies and Raw Materials

Expert Lab Service carries detailed analyses on ceramic bodies and raw materials in order to understand if they are suitable for porcelain tile technology.

Our lab is equipped to run the following tests:

Determination of the chemical and mineralogical composition:

○ XRF analysis
○ Loss of Ignition
○ Carbon e Sulphur
○ Computed mineralogical analysis

Study of mechanical properties:

○ Modulus of rupture (MOR)
○ Study of viscoelastic properties: storage modulus (elastic) and loss modulus (viscous)

Thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) and differential thermal analysis (DTA) with mass spectrometer to detect any evolved gasses

Determination of the best top firing temperature:

○ Sintering analysis
○ Pyroplasticity analysis
○ Thermal expansion analysis
○ Residual stresses analysis

♦ Study of drying kinetic:

○ Study of the mass variation
○ Study of dimensional variation

♦ Water absorption

♦ Particle size distribution

♦ Slip milling residue

♦ Calcimetry

♦ pH measurement

♦ Specific surphace according to the MBI method

♦ Ceramic body formulation

♦ Sample preparations (milling, pressing and cutting)