About us

ELS is a lab settled in Modena and under the guidance of Dr.Mariano Paganelli and his successful experience. Our company provides a wide range assistance to ceramic industries, from analyses to laboratory equipment, from raw materials to finished products.

Our story:

1989 – Establishment of Expert System Srl, which was a company that putted into practice Mariano Paganelli’s ideas. The company developed new software extremely useful for ceramic industries, nowadays Mariano Paganelli still holds its copyright.  He designed also the first Heating Microscopes equipped with computerised images analysis techniques, they are still in operation all over the world.

2000 – Establishment of Expert System Solutions Srl, which was a company focused on the development of equipment for the ceramic field, both software and hardware. Under the leadership of the president Mariano Paganelli, new laboratory instruments were designed, such as Optical Dilatometer and Optical Fleximeter.

2013 – Expert System Solutions Srl was sold to TA Instruments.

2014 – Establishment of Expert Lab Service Srls, again under the guidance of Mariano Paganelli. The company started its activity as a laboratory for ceramic industries. Since 2019 ELS started to develop and sell new optical laboratory equipment, characterised by the fact that all the measurements are made with no contact with the specimen. The new machines show an innovative design, both in their hardware and in their software. The new instruments are designed to reach higher performances than before in the thermomechanical field. For example, they can reproduce complex industrial firing cycles (flash heating and flash cooling) and the heating microscope can run up to four simultaneous analyses.


Alchemical symbol of Quintessence

It was taken from the Chimie section of Encyclopédie de Diderot et D’alambert 1751 – 1772

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