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Expert Lab Service is a boutique featuring advanced solutions for the ceramic industry, materials analysis services and tailor-made scientific instruments.


This instrument collects three different functions:

  • Heating Microscope
  • Optical Dilatometer
  • Optical Fleximeter

ELS-MDF combines the most important functions to provide a complete characterization of ceramic materials and even more, such as glasses and ashes.

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Characterization of raw materials and ceramic bodies

ELS provides both the sample preparation (grinding, pressing, cutting) and the laboratory tests. We run full characterization of ceramic bodies and their decoration to establish if they are suitable for ceramic tile and slab technologies.

HSM-preparazione campioni - sfuocata


Interaction between ceramic bodies and glazes on both green and fired tiles.


Campione Piro

Characterizazion of frits and glazes

ELS can study the behaviour of materials up to their melting taking advantage of the optical systems of the Heating Microscope and the Optical Dilatometer.

The lab also runs thermogravimetric tests (TGA-DTA-DTG) on inks and glues. In addition, the lab can detect the emitted gasses during the firing cycle.


Heating microscope analyses

ELS detects the fusibility of ashes and minerals.

ELS studies the thermal behaviour of glasses, glass-ceramics, other materials for ceramic industry such as raw materials, frits, glazes, engobes, bodies.


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